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Simple ! Just login and select the retailer of your choice. Then click out of GoGabbar to the retailer website and shop normally. You will still get cashback for all purchases where cashback is available.

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  • Can you explain to me the whole thing?

    Sure! So, we publish the prices for an entire universe of consumer products from a variety of retailers like FlipKart, Jabong, Snapdeal etc. You can search for a particular product on our site, compare its prices from the different retailers and then visit your chosen retailer's website for buying it. We will give you cashback every time you make a successful purchase of a product.

    GoGabbar is India's best upcoming site which gives you cashback on top of existing offers from retailers.

  • Sounds too good to be true! Are there any hidden costs?

    Absolutely none! We won't charge you a single penny.

  • Can I view product catalogue before I sign up?

    Yes, you can! We allow you to fully search/compare products from a variety of retailers without signing up. But in order to get the cashback on your purchases, we do need you to sign in. We will remind you to sign in when you are about to visit the retailer's site..

  • Anything else I should be worried about?

    Nothing! We don't store any of your payment details - as you don't have to make any payments on our website. Also, we value our customer's privacy and so we don't do funny things like spamming your Facebook friends etc.

    We do encourage you to recommend us to your friends if you liked our service :)

  • How much cashback can I earn?

    Cashbacks vary from 1% to 15% (of the purchase amount) based on the retailer and category of the product you are buying. Here is a detailed list of the currently available cashbacks.

  • How do I get paid my cashback?

    As you keep shopping at your favourite retailers' sites through GoGabbar, we will keep on adding the resulting cashback per transaction into your gogabbar account and display them on your dashboard (shown post login). Once your total cashback balance reaches Rs 250, we allow you to redeem it as real cash.

    You will be required to add your bank account at this point in your profile to let the money be transferred to you.

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