Gabbar is family owned and operated by Chef/Owner Dharam Singh who moved to New Jersey in the seventies, finally fulfilling his life long dream of opening a social restaurant for the community. This restaurant is homage to my dad who ensured I experienced different walks of food at a very early age. I would be incomplete without his passion for the culinary arts which he gathered from living in Pakistan, Burma, India and USA. Love you PAPAji !

We only believe in hand crafted dishes. A restaurants should be a place for relaxation, to unwind from daily stress and celebrate quality time with their loved ones at dinner table leaving behind their technology driven lives. We are New Jersey’s first Burmese restaurant offering authentic dishes which my dad cooked for me over the years, we would love to share these dishes with everyone. In addition, we are also introducing Litti Chokha which is a regional dish of Bihar, India where the chef was born. This is an iconic dish of the region and is being offered first time in Tri-state area. This restaurant is all about bold flavors, keeping dishes truly authentic. We firmly believe in grinding fresh spices, keeping cooking simple and making one dish at a time to ensure best product reaches the table. This restaurant is for foodies who truly appreciate creativity, we appreciate your patience while we cook for you.

This menu is just the start of our journey, keep an eye on ongoing specials……

We would love to share our culinary odyssey with all……Always Smile, Share, Eat and Laugh !